Differences between SunOS 4.1 and SunOs 5.1 STREAMS implementations

Differences between SunOS 4.1 and SunOs 5.1 STREAMS implementations

Post by Bruno Desquines STNA 7SU p8069 BD » Sat, 27 Mar 1993 01:50:59


I am trying to port a STREAMS driver from SunOS 4.1.1 to SunO 5.1 (Solaris 2.1).

The dynamic loading works fine, but several problems have appeared when
trying to execute specific (to be used with the I_STR opcode) ioctl's:
when executing those ioctl's, the put procedure is actually called ;
but the message that the driver gets doesn't have M_IOCTL type.

Could anyone give me a few hints as to differences between SunOS 4.1 and SunOS 5.1
STREAMS implementations ?

E-mail answers prefered.

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