Solaris memory usage

Solaris memory usage

Post by Marvin Allen Wolfth » Thu, 19 Feb 1998 04:00:00


Here's some pmap output:

/usr/proc/bin/pmap 29246
29246:  proctool
00010000  300K read/exec          dev:  32,21  ino: 430992
0006A000  100K read/write/exec    dev:  32,21  ino: 430992
00083000  640K read/write/exec
0009F000  528K     [ heap ]
EF280000  912K read/write/shared  dev:  32,24  ino: 40930
EF370000   12K read/exec          /usr/lib/
EF382000    4K read/write/exec    /usr/lib/
EF390000   12K read/exec          /usr/lib/
EF3A2000    4K read/write/exec    /usr/lib/
EF3A3000    4K read/write/exec
EF3B0000   28K read/exec          /usr/lib/
EF3C6000    4K read/write/exec    /usr/lib/
EF3E0000   52K read/exec          /usr/openwin/lib/
EF3FC000    4K read/write/exec    /usr/openwin/lib/
EF400000  504K read/exec          /usr/lib/
EF48D000   32K read/write/exec    /usr/lib/
EF495000    8K read/write/exec
EF4A0000  384K read/exec          /usr/lib/
EF50F000   36K read/write/exec    /usr/lib/
EF518000   32K read/write/exec
EF530000   52K read/exec          /usr/lib/
EF54C000    8K read/write/exec    /usr/lib/
EF550000  344K read/exec          /usr/lib/
EF5B5000   16K read/write/exec    /usr/lib/
EF5C0000  232K read/exec          /usr/lib/
EF609000   24K read/write/exec    /usr/lib/
EF60F000    4K read/write/exec
EF620000 1400K read/exec          /usr/dt/lib/
EF78D000  128K read/write/exec    /usr/dt/lib/
EF7AD000    8K read/write/exec
EF7C0000    4K read/exec/shared   /usr/lib/
EF7D0000   84K read/exec          /usr/lib/
EF7F4000    8K read/write/exec    /usr/lib/
EF7FE000    4K read/write/exec
EFFEA000   88K read/write/exec
EFFEA000   88K     [ stack ]

My question is, how can I calculate how much memory will be
consumed by additional instances of this process (allowing for
transient heap memory allocation). That is, what is the actual
footprint of the process when shared libraries are taken into


Marvin Allen Wolfthal
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