Jumpstart Question

Jumpstart Question

Post by Michae » Tue, 21 Nov 2000 04:00:00

I set up a custom jumpstart server everything works fine except for one thing.
After the clients install and reboots the vfstab has foo:/mount which is
correct. But in the /etc/hosts file I have two entries for that server.

<>   foo

When I do a ypwhich it shows the as the server when it should
be foo.

In my sysidcfg I have:
                       name_service=NIS {domain_name=domain.com

Any ideas?



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Hi Experts,

I try the following configuration for a network JumpStart installation:

Install-server (host_a) is on the same subnet like the mashine to be
installed (host_b)

On host_a:
Solaris 7 disk copied to /export/jumpstart/sparc_2.7
mkdir /jumpstart
created rules and test_class in /jumpstart

creaded sysidcfg file in /export/jumpstart/sys_host_b
copied check to /jumpstart
checking rules -> ok
The only line in rules.ok is:
any -   -   test_class  -

#  /usr/sbin/install.d/pfinstall -c /export/jumpstart/sparc_2.7 -d
test_class  -> OK
# cd /export/jumpstart/sparc_2.7/Solaris_2.7/Tools
# ./add_install_client -c host_a:/jumpstart -p
host_a:/export/jumpstart/sys_host_b host_b sun4c
/export and /jumpstart are shared ro, anon=0

On host_b:
OK> boot net - install
host_b finds host_a, boots
... System identification is completed.
Starting Solaris installation program ...
Searching for JumpStart directory ...
not found
Warning: Could not found matching rule in rules.ok

Why does host_b not find a JumpStart directory ? Where does it look for it?

Any hint would be appreciated!


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