Bug in ttymon or serial device driver with Solaris 2.6

Bug in ttymon or serial device driver with Solaris 2.6

Post by Ralph Zelle » Thu, 27 Nov 1997 04:00:00

Hi folks,

since three days I want to configure my serial line for dial in/out
(bidirectional) usage. But it seems do be impossible to use tip or cu
for outdialing until the portmanager (ttymon) is running for incoming

My configuration:

Ultra30, Solaris 2.6

1. eeprom:

2. sacadm:
sacadm -a -p zsmon -t ttymon -c /usr/lib/saf/ttymon -v `ttyadm -V`

3. pmadm:
/usr/sbin/pmadm -a -p zsmon -s ttyb -i root -fu -v `/usr/sbin/ttyadm -V`
  -m "`/usr/sbin/ttyadm -b -S n -d /dev/term/b -s /usr/bin/login \
  -l contty6H -m ldterm,ttcompat -T vt100 -i 'Terminal disabled.' \
  -p "modem login: " `" -y "dial in/out on serial port"

4. /etc/ttydefs
contty6H:38400 -parity opost onlcr:38400 sane -parity crtscts

5. /etc/remote

6. owner of /dev/term/b: root:tty
7. owner of /dev/cua/b:  uucp:tty
8. permissions of /dev/term/b and /dev/cua/b: 666
9. No lock files in /var/spool/locks
10. fuser /dev/term/b and fuser /dev/cua/b shows no processes on the

Dial-in under this configuration works perfectly, but if I want to
dial-out with tip I get a "all ports busy" error-message. To avoid this
I must enter:

sacadm -k -p zsmon
tip modem2
sacadm -s -p zsmon

The problem is that sacadm can be run as root only. This makes it for
normal users impossible to dial out. But I need a dial-out feature for
normal users.

I know this is an old problem under Solaris with no detailed solution on
it. For me there are two possible reasons why the portmonitor and tip
won't work together:
1. ttymon polls the device too fast, so tip has no chance to get the
2. ttymon opens the device with an ioctl-open command that locks the

For me there are two possible solutions:
1. Remove this bug(!) from ttymon (or serial device driver)
2. Exchange the portmonitor mechnism with a freely available getty
program that works with Solaris 2.6. Does anybody know one?

Greetings, Ralph.
University of Vienna
Institute of Business Administration
Department of Production & Operations Management
Mag. Ralph Zeller
Bruenner Str. 72
A-1210 Vienna


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