nfs problem on client NT

nfs problem on client NT

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Can anyone help me with an NFS-problem I have on an NT-workstation.
I use Interdrive from FTP as Nfs-client.
My NFS-server is an Sun E3500. I'm running solaris 2.6 with vxva 2.6.
When I try to mount my Sun-volumes to the Nt I could see my structure
but I can not write to it. Reading works fine. On my Nt I get the
message 'copy filename : invalid parameter'. I have 2 volumegroups in
vxva. When I export a volume from the rootdg everything works also
fine. It's only with the other diskgroup I have problems with.

Anyone have ever seen this before? I've tried with an other Nfs-client
and were having the same result.

Kind regards,



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I have a port to do of a C++ project from NT to Linux. I just installed
RH5.2 (which happens to be lying around here) on a i86 PC and everything
works fine, GCC is already installed, xwindows (XFree86) starts OK, I can
ftp and telnet from my NT machines etc. I have been impressed that
everything installed so smoothly. I have a couple of questions:

(a) I have a problem using my Belkin Omniview switch. When I switch from my
NT machine to my Linux machine (running X) the mouse screws up on Linux. It
seems to be 'caught' in the top right of the screen. I can solve this my
stopping and restarting X but that's a pain everytime you switch from one
machine to the other. Any ideas? It's an MS PS/2 intellimouse and behaves
fine with X until I switch to the NT machine and back.

(b) Does anyone have recommendations for lowish cost NT-based nfs and
xwindows clients?


Alan Ambrose

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