x86 sol7 CDE just stopped working??

x86 sol7 CDE just stopped working??

Post by Joe Senne » Mon, 10 May 1999 04:00:00

all seemed to be working fine for several weeks. I log out, then the
day when I log in CDE doesn't start up. I get the usual login screen and
the solaris welcome screen. the desktop flashes the expected background
about 2 seconds then goes black. the cursor changes to an arrow and
a long delay I get the one dtterm window I left open when I last logged
nothing else. the rest of the screen is black. another account that had
several windows open restores those windows but you can't select them.
I tried a command line login and removing everything .dt in my $HOME. no
effect. I get the dialog to choose cde or openwin then the same thing.

window manager not starting? why? I ran kdmconfig and it works fine.
the only thing the system was used for previous to the occurance was to
telnet out to some other systems. I guess I'm going to have to break
down and learn about CDE :) any pointers (direct or indirect)



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Go to www.kempston.demon.co.uk  there is a page on setting up PPP to
certain ISP's and also a gerneric one, where you supply some of the info



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