duplicate M_IOCACK

duplicate M_IOCACK

Post by Rocke Robertso » Wed, 08 Dec 1999 04:00:00

Dec  6 10:53:43 nimbus unix: Warning: 18381992 Recieved duplicate
Dec  6 11:09:38 nimbus unix: Warning: 11800488 Recieved duplicate
Dec  6 12:15:59 nimbus unix: Warning: 5112232 Recieved duplicate
Dec  6 12:59:08 nimbus unix: Warning: 18377728 Recieved duplicate
Dec  6 13:01:21 nimbus unix: Warning: 11799504 Recieved duplicate
Dec  6 13:03:15 nimbus unix: Warning: 18791600 Recieved duplicate
Dec  6 13:17:27 nimbus unix: Warning: 18790616 Recieved duplicate
Dec  6 13:30:58 nimbus unix: Warning: 10877424 Recieved duplicate
Dec  6 13:34:04 nimbus unix: Warning: 18376416 Recieved duplicate
Dec  6 13:51:05 nimbus unix: Warning: 10877424 Recieved duplicate
Dec  6 13:53:04 nimbus unix: Warning: 11803768 Recieved duplicate
Dec  6 13:58:28 nimbus unix: Warning: 18380680 Recieved duplicate
Dec  6 14:47:38 nimbus unix: Warning: 18381336 Recieved duplicate

What exactly does the above mean. Solaris 7, Ultra5. Got tons of these
for 2 days, and they have now stopped. System was not affected, or
appeared to be not affected by whatever caused this.


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1. Eliminating duplicate emails (duplicate message ID) in MS Outlook/Exchange

How to eliminate Microsoft Outlook's propensity to deliver duplicate email

Eunice Santorini Revision 1.00 July 13, 2002
Current Revision: 1.00 July 13, 2002

 Duplicate emails referred to herein are those messages with the same
 message ID, save for case, or leading white space (these are typical
 transformations which may have occurred in transit via prior MTA,
 Listserv, or Majordomo processing).

 Duplicate Message-ID Filter Outlook Exchange

0. As you know, traditional (aka sendmail-based) users never receive
   duplicate emails because, traditionally, they employ powerful well-known
   filters (first introduced more than a dozen years ago) such as procmail
   (i.e., process mail) which eliminates all duplicate emails on sight.

   For example, this well-known three-line text file instantly traps all
   duplicate message ids regardless of case or leading white spaces:
     :0 Wh: duplicates.lock
     * ?formail -D 65536 msgid.cache

   However, Microsoft Exchange/Outlook users can not avail themselves of
   these extremely well known and efficient duplicate-email filters.
   Amazingly, it's almost as if Microsoft was (is still?) clueless about
   mail users' needs when they designed (supported?) Outlook/Exchange.

   Face it: Intelligent users don't like a mail user agent which can't
            even perform the simplest of all MUA tasks.

   So, what do we do for those hapless users who made the mistake of
   moving off traditional sendmail-based email onto Microsoft

1. I would like to write up the solution for the poor souls who moved
   off of sendmail-based email onto Outlook/Exchange based email.

   Microsoft has confirmed this to be a problem in the inability of
   Outlook/Exchange to handle this simple task.

   So, we're on our own for those punished Exchange/Outlook users.

   Any ideas for their salvation?

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