Laserjet 4plus on a SPARC LX

Laserjet 4plus on a SPARC LX

Post by Stuart Dav » Wed, 24 Jun 1998 04:00:00

Hi All,

Can anyone help please?

I have a newly-installed SPARC LX running 2.6. The OS is an End-User
installation and the machine has 32Mb RAM. I attached an HPLaserjet
4plus to the parallel port on the Sun and used Admintool to try and
configure it. Common sense tells you what to fill the fields out with
in the Add Printer... window but I cannot get this operation to work.
The reason is the printer type.....I selected 'HP Printer' first and
this came up with an 'Add printer failed' error. The only way I can
get it to work is by putting 'unknown' into this field. Then it does
it's stuff and works fine. However the text printouts do not carriage
return properly and only line feed so the printouts go off the page
very quickly! I tried to hack the configuration file in the /etc/lp
location to change the printer type to 'hplaser' but this just
prevents any printouts from happening at all?!?!

Any suggestions???

Stuart Davis


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I am looking for any info anyone may have regarding printing with a
server REMOTELY to an HP Laserjet 4Plus printer. Currently, HP provides
input and output filters (scripts} that can be specified in the
/etc/printcap file on the remote printer server to print remotely to the
Laserjet for other Unices (Sun OS, Solaris, HP-UX}. We are hoping to
mimic this setup on a Linux machine but have been unable to find the
necessary scripts or filters to do so (similar to those used on our Sun
OS machine}. I am aware of numerous means by which we can print remotely
to a printer that is directly connected to the printer server, but we
have a setup in which the laserjet is not directly connected to any
machines (in particular, our intended printer server}. Please reply with
any available info regarding resources or tools (programs, scripts,
etc.} that will allow one of our Linux machines to act as a printer
server without being directly connected to the printer. Thank you.

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