Shell script question (may or may not be specific to pkgadd)

Shell script question (may or may not be specific to pkgadd)

Post by Dan Mondri » Fri, 24 Oct 1997 04:00:00

Hey guys, I've got a problem that is starting to drive me nuts.  Let's see
if anyone can help.  It's occurring on Solaris 2.x (2.4 in particular), in
a pkgadd request script, but I wonder whether the answer might be more

My request script has stdin capability (as expected), and that works fine.
However, I'm trying to list a file prior to getting input, and I am using
'more' to do this.  'more' starts and prints the first screen of the file,
says that it is 25% (or however much) done, but then abruptly exits without
giving me the chance to view the rest of the file.  I've tried invoking it
in the following methods, with no difference in behavior:

more $MYFILE
more $MYFILE <&0
(more $MYFILE)
(more $MYFILE <&0)
cat $MYFILE | more
cat $MYFILE | more <&0
(cat $MYFILE | more)
(cat $MYFILE | more <&0)

Why would 'more' not be able to continue?  Is its stdin not the same as (or
inherited from) the one in my request script?

If the answer to the above is 'Sorry, but no solution', then here's what
I'm trying to do, and let's see if there is an alternate path I can take.
The file I am viewing is actually a license agreement, which I follow up
with a question verifying that the user agrees to it.  I could just use the
'copyright' file capability associated with pkgadd, but that does not pause
between screens, and the user would not be able to see the entire file
contents.  Furthermore, I have an INSTALL script that installs multiple
packages, so I only want to present the license once from the installer.
However, I want each package to be able to present the license if the user
is using either swmtool or pkgadd directly (the scripts detect whether I am
running from the INSTALL script and bypass this step.)  One possible
solution would be to make the license file the copyright, and just have my
request script ask if they agree, but then I would need to pass some
argument to pkgadd (from my INSTALL script) to tell it to not display the
copyright agreement.  Based on the pkgadd man pages, however, I don't think
such an argument exists.

Any ideas?  Thanks in advance for your help.

Dan Mondrik


Shell script question (may or may not be specific to pkgadd)

Post by Ken Gag » Fri, 24 Oct 1997 04:00:00

Hi folks,
For the life of me I cannot remember the eeprom setting to stop a
break/halt signal through ttya.
Problem- Power off and on the term server and all suns hwos consoles are
hooked up to the term server hp to an OK prompt.
I have one set up properly, but that was many miles ago.
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