ufsdump and ufsrestore

ufsdump and ufsrestore

Post by Jazhen Ch » Thu, 22 Feb 1996 04:00:00

Two questions here:

1. I put this line in crontab,      
        0 04 * * 1-4 ufsdump 0cu /common
ufsdump always complains through mail that /dev/rmt/0 can not open,
tried   0 04 * * 1-4 ufsdump 0cuf /dev/rmt/0 /common, ended up same.
but the same command works fine on command line. Any reason it does so?

2. ufsrestore takes at 45 minutes to restore a single file in /common,
is that normal?

I am using 2.4.
Many many thanks.



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I want to copy all Filesystems from one machine to a second via
ufsdump and ufsrestore from unmounted filesystems, but i'm not familar
with these commands, can someone help me?
my OS is solaris 2.5.1
i thought about something like:
ufsdump [someparameters] /dev/vx/rdsk/vg1/first_part | rsh
"newmachine" ufsrestore [someparameters] /dev/vx/rdsk/vg1/first_part
if i'm right, just tell me something about "someparameters"

Thanx in advance

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