Driver for 3com 3c905-tx and Solaris 2.6

Driver for 3com 3c905-tx and Solaris 2.6

Post by Burkhard Kiese » Sat, 17 Nov 2001 01:06:26


is there a driver avaliable for a 3com Networkcard (3c905-tx) for
Solaris2.6. It should be installed in an Ultra-5 box.




1. 3Com 3C595-TX and 3C905-TX problems

I'm running Linux on a Pentium with a 3Com 100MB ethernet card. The
network works fine for about a few days, but eventually, the ethernet
driver seems to die and network connectivity is lost. After a reboot,
things work fine. The syslog contains the following message:

kernel: eth0: Infinite loop in interrupt, status e011. Disabling functions (78ee).

A message that looks related is

inetd[59]: netbios-ns/udp server failing (looping), service terminated

Has anybody else had trouble like the above? I suppose it's related to
the Ethernet driver.


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