File Server for Windows clients (was: Window NT vs x86 solaris vs SCO?)

File Server for Windows clients (was: Window NT vs x86 solaris vs SCO?)

Post by Tim Ruck » Thu, 22 Aug 1996 04:00:00

} >[...]
} > If your users are using PC's with Win95 and/or Win 3.11 then it would be
} > easier to setup a Microsoft Network using NT instead of UNIX.  If you
} > use UNIX you will have a protocal barrier that will need NFS to cross.  

The point is well taken that it is more difficult to shoe-horn myriad Windows
clients into the UNIX server's "preferred" file serving protocol--that can be
an administrative nightmare.

Fortunately, as has been pointed out here, that is not necessary.  You can
still have the very best transaction and Internet server (UNIX) and easily
serve files and printing to your Windows/DOS clients.

Quote:} Not any longer! See SCO's VisionFS announcement last week.  It requires no
} special client-side software and outperforms NFS. Check it out on
} and even download a 30 day demo.  

Note that SCO VisionFS not only available for just SCO OpenServer/UnixWare
or Intel-based systems, but for SPARC Solaris and HP-UX as well.  Ports
for SPARC SunOS, AIX and other UNIXen should be out by year end.

VisionFS also works with other Vision Family products, such as SuperVision,
to help remotely manage all those pesky PCs. ;^)

There is also SCO Advanced File and Print Server for OpenServer Release 5
(Host or Enterprise) systems, which is the actual NT code ported to UNIX.
SCO Advanced File and Print Server comes with NetBEUI, which gives you the
networking you need to tie Windows/DOS desktops to OpenServer.  For those
smaller accounts, a 5-user AFPS + 5-user Host is $1690 U.S. (list prices).

Why SCO VisionFS instead of samba?  Well, it's a fully supported commercial
product with documentation and integrated administration utilities.  And SCO
has done some optimization work to increase performance (and presumably will
continue to do so).

Besides, now that SCO OpenServer (and soon, SCO UnixWare) are *free* for
non-commercial home, educational and evaluation purposes there's no excuse
for not checking out the also free 1-user AFPS "Lite" or the VisionFS demo.




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1. Vision FS (was: Window NT vs x86 solaris vs SCO?)

:Perhaps the greatest difference between `freeware' (using the term very
:loosely) and `commercial' software is the use of your own time.

...snip of explanation...

Agreed - very much so.

A question:
Can I print from Unix to a Windows printer (networked printer on
Windows NT or Windows 95) using VisionFS?
I could find any information on this on your web site.

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