New network configuration

New network configuration

Post by Ron Watki » Mon, 21 Jul 1997 04:00:00

I would like to move a Solaris 2.5.1 host to a "Private Address Space" as
defined in RFC1597. How do I go about setting up an initial network
configuration on the box? I don't believe that any previous network
configuration is on the host currently. I don't have access to "admintool".
Ive looked in rc2.d for ifconfig lines but those aren't telling me very much.
Is it possible that all I have to do is setup the networks and netmasks files
in /etc/inet directory?
Any advice would be appreciated.

PS, I don't have a console, just a dumb tty so I can't run admintool or any
of the help systems that I know of. I also don't have any of the Solaris
manuals either.
                Ron Watkins


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I'm a newbie to Solaris so this may be a simple question.              

I have just setup a new Solaris 2.6 x86 server.  The server works fine
when I give it an IP address that is in the same class C as the
router's class C address.  However, if I give it an IP that is not
within the same class C as the router it is unable to see any other
address that is outside of the non-router IP block.

I am going to move the server to another network (co-location) and
there is a very high chance that the IP address will not fall within
the same IP block as the router so I need to resolve this.

I set the etc/defaultrouter to the router's address, no <cr> or spaces

updated the file with class c and netmask

I tried:
route add default $gateway <router address>
but it said it was unreachable

I also updated the following, but I don't believe they make a

modified the line:
hosts: files dns

added the nameserver IP and fully qualified internet domain name

domain domainname
nameserver ns1
nameserver ns2


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