Help with gcc

Help with gcc

Post by daniel can » Fri, 02 Apr 1993 16:43:27

After installing gcc binaries and updating the include files I get
the following error when compiling a c++ program:

gcc: installation problem, cannot exec cc1plus: No such file or directory

Any clues??


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HELP!: A gcc for solaris 7?

Had horrible boot-disk crash; had to reinstall *some* OS, so, since
"y2k" is fast approaching, decided to jump straight out of my current
frying pan of 2.5.1 (will fail at y2k) into 2.7 ("Why not -- I'll have
to go there some day anyway, no?").

Which I did, via Sun's newest and greatest "May 99".

Now, all I need is a COMPILER!

I called gnu (ie free software foundation), they told me that they
did not yet have a gcc for Solaris 7.   Also said that none of their
"binary cds" (most recent is 1998) would have one that would work
on Solaris 7.

Surely SOMEONE must have already solved this problem.

(I sure don't want to have to purchase the c++ developer-stuff
from Sun -- WAY too expensive for me.)

Thanks so much!


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