SPARCompiler C++ 4.1 Templates DB

SPARCompiler C++ 4.1 Templates DB

Post by NZ Customs Developer » Tue, 18 Jun 1996 04:00:00


I am using Sun SPARComper C++ 4.1 and having some trouble with
multiple template Databases and wonder anyone knows a workaround:

I have a group of code with its template instantiation in


and another group of code with


Both groups have #include its Template definition from /dir3
(and the template implementation *.cc file also in /dir3)

Now When I compile my in /dir4 linking code from
/dir[123] with -ptv and -ptr/dir1 -ptr/dir2 turned on, It
picks up /dir2/Templates.DB for some instantiation and ignores
/dir3/Templates.DB no matter how to arrange -ptr on command line.

However, I notice that if I make clean (ptclean) /dir2 & /dir3,
then make /dir3 first to build Templates.DB, /dir3/Templates.DB
contains instantiations that appeared in /dir2/Templates.DB.
Then I make /dir2, and then make /dir4.  It picks up /dir3


1. SPARCompiler C++ 4.1 Templates-cont

Sorry, my news reader breaks (CIM) messages on 25-line limits.

Continued the previous message:

With that perticular order of build /dir2 before /dir1.  Now it
picks up /dir2/Templates.DB (and sometime /dir1/Templates.DB -
can't figure out when!).  I read SPARCompiler C++4.1 user guide,
it says you can use mutliple template databases.  I wonder
anyone has done things like this before?

Meanwhile, I use -ptr pointing to a single /dir5/Templates.DB
for all codes.  It compiles and links lot happier.  Any comments
on pros & cons of this approach?

Thanks in advance

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