NFS performance

NFS performance

Post by peter9.. » Thu, 21 Sep 2000 04:00:00

We have a NFS share set up and are wondering if the best performance is
gained with one mount point to access the share, or more than one mount

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1. NFS performance solaris client, linux server

   I have ordered a 1 terabyte IDE raid which will run on Red Hat
Linux 7.2.
I will create filesystems overed over NFS to a Solaris 2.8 (SunOS?)
Files will be written from tape using tar to the filesystem and when
it is all done they will be requested randomnly by an application. One
file at a time (typical size 1-2MB).

   Can you give any performance tips, mount parameters and any other
parameters that I need to consider in the configuration of NFS for
this linux/solaris combination.  White papers or other articles would
be great.



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