Installation of Solaris 9 on X86 AMD+Nforce2 Chipset MB

Installation of Solaris 9 on X86 AMD+Nforce2 Chipset MB

Post by xingan » Fri, 07 Jan 2005 04:42:11

Hello All,

this is my first post here: When I installed the downloaded Solaris 9
onto my AMD AthlonXP + Nforce2 Chipset machine, It hung for about 20
minutes in "loading the driver ata.bef" and after that, everything
went smooth. When I finally boot into the freshly-installed Solaris
system, it again stopped at "loading the driver ata.bef..." blah blah
and I have to wait for about 20 minutes until the next stage. I
searched over the google but really can not find the answer. Could
anybody kindly enough to give me a hand on this? TIA!


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All other devices I have are on the HCL.


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