Differences between Solaris threads and POSIX threads

Differences between Solaris threads and POSIX threads

Post by Kenny McCorma » Tue, 01 May 2001 11:17:47

Can anyone give me a list of the differences and/or a pointer to a document,
that describes the differences between Solaris threads and POSIX threads -
beyond that which is in the man page (man threads) ?

The one difference of which I am aware is that if a multi-threaded app
fork()s, in Pthreads, only the calling thread is duplicated, while in
Solaris threads, the whole thing is duplicated (which, incidentally, the
semantics of fork, if interpreted literally, requires).


1. Difference between Posix Threads and Solaris threads

Are Posix Threads are kernel schedulable?
I worked with DCE threads in HP-UX 10.20(non threaded Version,).  There
library schedules the threads, and kernel is unaware of these threads.
I know there is no equivalent of thr_setconcurrency in pthread. I want to
know whether Solaris Kernel schedules pthreads just like a solaris thread.
Also are there any references or documents that differentiates these

Thanking you in advance.



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