Sun Quad FastEthernet and Trunking woes

Sun Quad FastEthernet and Trunking woes

Post by Griff Mille » Tue, 12 Jan 1999 04:00:00

Hello. Perhaps someone can shed some light on where I went wrong.

With one successful installation of Sun Trunking 1.0.1 under my
belt (on an E4500 using the SBus QFE card) I traveled around the
world to the fine city of Cairo to install the same type card
and Sun Trunking on an Ultra 2.

I went through the same steps:

1) Installed the QFE in the Ultra 2 (running 2.5.1).
   I did a 'touch /reconfigure' and 'init 6'.
2) Installed Sun Trunking, following the instructions. I was
   careful to do an 'eeprom local-mac-address?=true', and I
   made sure that 'pkginfo |grep qfe' returned nothing before
   installing the Sun Trunking Software.
3) Added a 'qfetr -setup 0' to the end of my /etc/opt/SUNWqfetr/bin/
4) Added an /etc/hostname.qfe0 containing the IP address I wanted the
   Trunking interface to use.
5) Rebooted. (init 6)

When the machine came back up, the Trunking seemed to be working fine
(according to 'qfetr -conf') and the interface was up (according to
'ifconfig -a'), however, the IP address could not be pinged from other
machines. On the Ultra 2 you could ping it, but not from other machines.

After fooling around with it for a while, I finally decided to install
2.6 on the Ultra 2, since I was using 2.6 on the E4500. Repeated the
steps above. Still no luck.

I just cannot understand why it is not working. Here is a list of things
that are different between the Ultra 2 and the E4500 that "shouldn't"
make a difference:

Ultra 2             vs. E4500
Cisco Catalyst 5000 vs. Cisco Catalyst 5500
12-port blade       vs. 24-port blade

Of course, the Cisco's are configured to do the trunking.

I finally just gave up and configured each qfe with its own IP
address and am using DNS round-robin for now to do a sort of
makeshift load-balance. In this mode the card works fine (except
see the next paragraph).

Another oddity that I would like to invite comment on is the fact
that the following line in /etc/init.d/inetsvc:

/usr/sbin/ifconfig -auD netmask + broadcast +

...usually causes the Ultra 2 to hang when I am trying to use
the qfe's in any way. It did it when I was running 2.5.1 on it
and it does it now that I am running 2.6. It doesn't seem to
matter if I try to use Trunking or if I just use the qfe0-3 in
the normal way. I got around the problem by just commenting the
line out, since the NIS netmasks file is no different from the
Ultra 2's local copy.

If anyone can shed any light on either of these two mysteries, I would
appreciate it.

Email cc's appreciated.

Griff Miller II
Senior Unix/NT Sysadmin
PGS Tensor                "Press button to arm. Release button to detonate."


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