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1. SLIP/PPP -->new kernel-->new compiler-->new make

Hello world!

I'm trying to install SLIP or PPP (made no choice yet, any tips?)
Therefore I needed a new kernel and tried to install 1.1.45.
To compile this I needed a new gcc version. I downloaded gcc 2.5.8, libc
4.5.26, binutils 1.9l.4 and tools 2.16.
I un-tar-ed them all and started to compile.
I now need gnu make 3.70 (in stead of 3.69) where can I find this?
I also have problems with, witch is linked to
It sais: desire minor version 514 and found 404
How do I solve this?
final question: Why isn't there a HOW-TO about these things?

I hope anyone can help me with this.

Greetings and thanx in advance,

Perjan Moors.

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