Configuring source address of packets on multi-homed box

Configuring source address of packets on multi-homed box

Post by -- AS » Wed, 25 Jul 2001 17:05:16

Question for all you admins out there...

  I have a solaris server with 2 IP addresses assigned to a physical
interface (qe0 and qe0:1).  How can I set the source address for all packets
routed out qe0 and qe0:1 to have the address of qe0?

  My system's default route through qe0:1 -- currently, any packets that
leave qe0:1 are getting the IP address for qe0:1 --- This will not work with
my ISP.

Anybody got any suggestions?


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Hi. I need help on understanding whether I can make the Apache httpd
server work on Linux; specifically the multi-homed directory service.  
Apparently, Apache requires the ability for multiple ip addresses to go
to a single Linux machine.  The documentation <>
indicates that /sbin/ifconfig should have the alias flag available.  
I'm a bit confused... Is this something that Linux can do?  My
understanding is that ftpd can also be setup for multi-homed directories
as well.. Any FAQ's out there?

grateful for all help..


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