H. wabi instal. error: "No fonts available for wabi to use"

H. wabi instal. error: "No fonts available for wabi to use"

Post by Wol » Wed, 14 Aug 1996 04:00:00


Maybe someone out there might have a fix for this. I've installed wabi on my
2.5 x86 installation, and when it comes to set up wabi for the first time for
a particular user,

(i.e. logged on as the desired user, and doing $/opt/SUNWwabi/bin wabi &)

I get the error message
     Unrecoverable Error in Wabi.
     No fonts available for Wabi to use.
     Wabi will exit now

If I look in $HOME/wabi, I find what looks like a partial setup of the
directory, such as a windows directory, a windows/system directory,
and other files such as autoexec.bat and config.sys. So it looks like
some files are getting installed, but for some reason, wabi exits.

If anyone has encountered this type of error, and you know of a fix
around this problem, please let me know.

 I've called the tech support at SUN for help, but the people there could not
help me. They didn't seem to know very much about wabi.


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