newbie Q on scriptmanaging

newbie Q on scriptmanaging

Post by willem Leene » Thu, 03 Feb 2000 04:00:00

Hi *,

I'm replacing some unix machines and have to install unix and the
databases on them. A lot of shellscripts are pumping the backupdata
But it's sloppy at best: Some scripts make logfiles, most not, they are
spread around the filesystem, they have no standards, let alone some
comment in them about their functioning. Debugging and troubleshooting
is very cumbersome now.
So I want to rewrite them in a proper way, looking at maintainability
and ease of use.
Question: Does anyone know about how to set up a comprehensive system on

how to write&manage scripts or knows some links / books /hints on this

Script newbie Willem


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Thank you all for the responses!  I got PPP up and running today, now
all I have to do
is track down the Linux ver of Netscape.  Just one more question:  Does
anyone know how to get a "screen dump"?

I'm referring to something like Windows95 Alt-PrintScreen (which copies
the current window to the clipboard as a bitmap).

To think, that sigs were once a kludge...

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