AD: TCAT C/C++ for Windows 95, NT and 3.1x Available by FTP

AD: TCAT C/C++ for Windows 95, NT and 3.1x Available by FTP

Post by Software Resear » Thu, 25 Jul 1996 04:00:00

TCAT C/C++ Ver. 1.3 for Windows 95, NT and 3.1x, a full-featured coverage
analyzer for C and C++ on Windows 95, NT and 3.1x, is now available.

For a limited time -- until 31 July 1996 -- you can FTP download a free
evaluation copy via Anonymous FTP.  

Details are available at:; on request from SR via E-mail

+1 (415) 957-1441.


1. Remote control DOS/Windows 3.1x/95/98/NT/OS2 WARP from UNIX!

International Software Solutions is pleased to announce that R.S.M.
Java Manager BETA 1.0 is now available. Register at
to receive it by email.Install it, test it and tell us what you think of it.
Thanks for your trust.- International Software SolutionsOVERVIEW
R.S.M. JAVA Manager is the JAVA component of Remote Services
Management, the remote control and remote distribution solution. It
will enhance R.S.M. capabilities to manage heterogeneous
environments. R.S.M. JAVA Manager is designed to allow fast and easy
remote control operations from any JAVA compatible platform. R.S.M.
JAVA Manager provides similar features with the R.S.M. standard
Manager, and will allow you to control any PC running a R.S.M. Client
(version 3.0 or higher).KEY FEATURES
* Control any PC system (Windows NT, Windows 95, Windows 3.1, DOS,
  OS/2) from any computer which supports Java, regardless of its
  operating system (Including SUN OS, UNIX, MAC OS, etc.).
* Manage remote access in total security using passwords and logon
* Benefit from all the current client module features (except files
* Connect and control any existing version of the R.S.M. Client
  module (from 3.0 and higher) * Number of colors : monochrome, 16 or  256.
* Change compression
* Once connected features: key combination, Client screen blanking,
  remove Client wallpaper, reboot,...CONTACT US
For any comments/requests or technical assistance pleasecontact:

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