ADV: eValid: A Universal WebSite Testing Solution

ADV: eValid: A Universal WebSite Testing Solution

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            eValid: A Universal WebSite Testing Solution

The goal of eValid's is a product suite focused on every aspect of
WebSite testing -- done entirely from the user's point of view.
From your customer's point of view!

eValid is entirely NEW, patent-pending technology.  All its test
functions are built inside the eValid browser.  eValid has superior
ease of use.

Unlike older client/server methods, and in contrast to weaker
browser proxy/wrapper technologies, eValid delivers efficient,
accurate, repeatable, and unambiguous results.  Results you can rely
on to make your WebSite better.

The eValid test suite has everything you need for testing and
perfecting your WebSite:

  * Site Analysis: The only product with a true spider in a browser,
    eValid can map your site and filter out broken pages, slow
    pages, old pages, and more.  Everything your WebSite QA
    department wants.  Plus, 3D-SiteMaps so see how your site is
    really structured!

  * Timing/Tuning: Page component timing details from within the
    browser are not available with any other method.

  * Functional Testing & Validation:  Complete recording, multiple
    synchronization, comprehensive validation modes.  Handles _any_
    WebSite: HTTP/HTTPS, Javascript, XML, Applets, FLASH, ASP, JSP,
    ActiveX controls -- everything!

  * Loading:  Multiple independent browsers run in parallel to
    create realistic tests that truly represent what users do.  No
    approximations -- no "virtual users" -- just real users in real
    browsers doing real things.

  * Monitoring: Any script becomes the base for monitoring.
    Email/pager alarms supported.  You can monitor anything,
    including "deep tests" involving Applets, FLASH, secure
    sessions, logins.  Interfaces easily with any network monitoring

  * Test Coverage:  Combined with TCAT/Java, eValid give you the
    opportunity to measure test coverage Java applets as well as
    Java or C/C++ desktop applications.

eValid is the *best* possible choice if you're really serious about
WebSite quality.  One product, super easy to use, and not priced to
break your budget!

| eValid, Inc.                  | Phone:       [+1] (415) 550-3020 |
| Your WebSite Quality Partner  | Toll Free:        1-800-942-SOFT |
| 901 Minnesota Street          | FAX:         [+1] (415) 550-3030 |

|                               | URL:    <> |


1. Adv: eValid WebSite Test Engine

Where to start, where to start...

: This is a multi-part message in MIME format.

OK, strike 1.

: eSpammer(tm) simplifies assuring WebSite quality.

: You simply can't afford to test a website without eSpammer technology.

Sure I can.  Strike 2.

: eSpammer uses InBrowser(tm) technology as a Test Enabled Web Browser(tm),
: that performs the functions needed for detailed WebSite static and
: dynamic testing, QA/Validation, site timing, page tuning, session and
: complex scenario based server load generation.

Uh, what?  "Test Enabled Web Browser" is a trademark-able phrase?
Might as well tradmark "Phlegm Enhanced Coughing Spell", as at least
it means something.

: eSpammer has superior ease-of-use, uses a simple and powerful script
: language, runs on Windows 98/NT/2000/ME, and is priced to deliver
: superior value.

So, therefore, you felt that the Unix admin group was a good place
to spam.  Got it.  That's strike, what, 4?

: eSpammer's feature set makes your WebSite quality project as simple as
: possible:

Yeah - write decent html, and validate with any of the dozens of good,
*free* html validators.  What's the point of buying from a spammer?

:   General:
:     - All functions from menu pulldowns

This is a good thing?  I don't have *time* to drag & drool, I have
work to do.

:     - True web browser, supports all protocols
:     - 100% IE compatible rendering

Why in God's name would this be a *feature* to *advertise*?


Ugh.  I just can't go on.  Go away, little spammer.  Your windows
product is of no use, especially in a unix group.

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