graphics card

graphics card

Post by Mathewson Cra » Fri, 08 Jul 1994 04:54:41

I have a Diamond speedstar PRO installed in my PC which is not based on the
ET4000 chip.  I need to know if there are any patches out there that will allow
me to make it work in a Solaris for x86 environment v2.x.  I currently am using 2.2
does 2.4 support alot more graphics cards?



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I am in the process of building a "second" PC which will run Linux,
most likely RedHat 6.0 or above.  One of the applications I intend to
run will do some intensive rendering/surfacing/CAD type stuff and runs
with the MESA library under Linux.

The Vodoo3 3000 cards are inexpensive enough for me to consider buying
one - and I know there is a Linux driver under development for this

I also know that XFree86 has some support for 3Dlabs chips such as the
Permedia 2 on the ever popular under Windows Fire GL 1000.  So, I am
looking for opinions from those out there with some experience in this
area on the following questions:

1.      Which of these currently "supported," at least somewhat, would
give the best performance and why? (Under NT for CAD type
applications, from what I know, the answer would most likely be the GL
2.      Which of these cards would give the best overall performance?
3.      Is there a better solution such as with a TNT2 or some other

Thanks in advance!

All the best,

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