Sparc 20 floppy won't work under Sol 8

Sparc 20 floppy won't work under Sol 8

Post by Steven R. Jone » Wed, 10 Jul 2002 12:14:30

  Just obtained a Sparc 20 with Solaris installed, and all hardware
working fine as a platform to learn Solaris.   I freshly installed
Solaris 8 from the Solaris media kit, and the floppy no longer works.
It will not even load or eject floppy discs.  Any ideas or suggestions
appreciated.  Please respond directly by email.




1. Sparc 20 won't boot and won't display errors, either.

Take the video card out and see if that helps - I had a system recently that
would not do anything because of a bad video card.

Don Woodward

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