Seeking Information - Windows 3.11 - ChameleonNFS 4.* - Solaris 2.4 X86

Seeking Information - Windows 3.11 - ChameleonNFS 4.* - Solaris 2.4 X86

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Can anybody shed some light on the following problem (first I will give you
some background information)

I have a 486DX/50 which is running Solaris 2.4 X86 (full distribution) and it
is connected to the local network.  On this server I have an area of disk
called /misc/public which I have been using to do some testing on NFS mounts.
This area of disk currently has permissions of 777 for all files and
directories so permissions are not a problem. I transferred files into this
area from Unix and Dos/Windows machines via FTP (binary mode) so have both Dos
and Unix executable and readable files available,  I also have various gif and
jpgs within this area of disk

I have the following entry in my dfstab file for this area of disk to enable
it to be shared on the network.

'share -F nfs -o rw /misc/public'

I have successfully mounted this area of disk using NFS onto other Sun (sparc)
Machines and also onto Windows PC's running ChameleonNFS version/s 4.*

I have not been experiencing any problems with accessing the files in
/misc/public when they are NFS mounted onto another Sun (sparc - Solaris 2.3)
machines but have been getting various problems when accessing them through
Windows 3.11 and ChameleonNFS.

My Windows PC is a 486dx2/50 and has Dos 6.21 and Windows 3.11 loaded.  I am
running ChameleonNFS 4.5 as my TCP/IP software (we are encountering the same
problem with version 4.01 of Chameleon also)

I have set up Chameleon on my PC so that when Windows is started it
automatically tries do  a NFS mount to the Solaris PC and also to another
Sun (sparc - Sunos) machine. Username and password authentication is currently
done by another Sun (sparc - sunos) machine and this part seems to be all ok
as I get 2 more disk entries in my file manager and when I access these disks
i can see the names of the directories, files and all their details.

The problem/s however occurs when I try to access the files on these NFS
mounted Disks via Windows (Dos tells me the disks exist but cannot read
anything on them)

I can write to the disks with no problems (i.e Windows file manager drag and

when I read *.txt files I get no problems
when I read *.ini files I get no problems
when I access windows *.hlp files, windows will load the help file test but
gets problems when loading any embedded graphics
when I access *.doc files,  windows will load word but then cannot load the
actual file I wanted
when I run *.exe files, the PC takes a little while and then says it cannot
run the problem due to lack of memory, but a 'mem /c/p' in a dos window tells
me that the largest program size I can run is 600k +
when I try to copy *.ini files I get no problem
when I try to copy *.exe, *.doc, *.hlp, *.gif, *.jpg and some *.txt files, I
get a message stating that windows cannot access the original file

Has anybody else struck similar type problems with NFS mounted disks and in
particular using Chameleon and Windows and Solaris 2.4 x86 and if so can you
shed some light on how I can overcome this problem or at least point me in the
right direction.

Thanks in advance



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