Weekly SunFlash June 26th, 1995

Weekly SunFlash June 26th, 1995

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SunFlash 78.w3

                    Weekly SunFlash June 26th, 1995

May   1995         John J. McLaughlin, Editor/Publisher    fl...@flashback.com

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   78.21: SunSoft - Early Access Release of DOE
   78.22: Sun Builds Critical Mass in MP Solutions
   78.23: The New Netra Internet Server
   78.24: SPARCprinter E Series Network Printers
   78.25: HP, SunSoft Sign Agreement on Solaris for Vectra PCs
   78.26: SunISDN 1.0.2 is Shipping
   78.27: SPARCcenter 2000E with Redundant Power, Cooling
   78.28: Sun's Hottest Quarterly Newsletter
   78.29: Sun, Oracle Data Warehousing Centers
   78.30: Sunergy 16: "The Customer Driven Enterprise"
   78.31: Sunergy 15: "Internet: The Next Wave"
   78.32: SunSoft Human Computer Interaction Study
   78.33: NEXTSTEP Release 3.3 For SPARC
   78.34: SunSoft Workshop Tools - PowerPC Edition
   78.35: 100BASE-T Voted Official IEEE Standard


78.21 SunSoft - Early Access Release of DOE

     URL: http://www.sun.com/sunsoft/doe

     MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. -- June 14, 1995 -- SunSoft, Inc. today announced
     the delivery of an early access release of its Solaris Distributed Objects
     Environment (DOE) networked object software to approximately 100 selected
     customer sites including major Wall Street firms, telecommunications
     suppliers, and systems and software vendors. With DOE, customers can now
     respond faster to market changes by building distributed enterprise
     information systems that are significantly easier to customize, modify,
     administer, and maintain.

78.22 Sun Builds Critical Mass in MP Solutions

     New Third-Party Applications Support Announced

     MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA - June 12, 1995 - Adding to its industry-leading array
     of third-party applications for multiprocessing (MP) systems, Sun
     Microsystems Computer Company (SMCC) today announced that 11 additional
     design automation software vendors have parallelized their products to
     take advantage of Sun's MP architecture. Broad third-party applications
     support is a key element of Sun's unique end-to-end MP solution, which
     also provides advanced desktop hardware, a threaded operating system and
     MP- specific development tools.

78.23 The New Netra Internet Server

     Sun Microsystems Computer Company (SMCC) announces the new Netra (TM)
     Internet server - the only Web server that doesn't need UNIX (R) expertise
     to install and manage.

     New features:

        o Web Server software
        o Easy to use GUI admin tools
        o NetWare client support (in Q3CY95)

78.24 SPARCprinter E Series Network Printers

     Sun Microsystems Computer Company (SMCC) announces SPARCprinter (TM) E
     Series network printers. The E Series is comprised of a black and white
     and color laser printer that are both direct TCP/IP network connect and
     PostScript (TM) Level 2. Both printers include simple installation and
     powerful print management software for the network environment.

        o SPARCprinter E - black and white workgroup printing, up to 1200 dots
          per inch (dpi) laser output, 12 pages per minute (ppm)

        o SPARCprinter EC - second generation color laser printing, near
          photorealistic quality, 3.5 ppm color, 14 ppm black and white

78.25 HP, SunSoft Sign Agreement on Solaris for Vectra PCs

     MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA, June 12, 1995 -- SunSoft, Inc. and Hewlett-Packard
     Company today announced a broad agreement for the development and support
     of the Solaris (R) software environment on HP Vectra PCs. Under the terms
     of the agreement, the two companies will work together to certify the
     Solaris product for high-end Vectra PCs and provide technical service and
     support to customers.

78.26 SunISDN 1.0.2 is Shipping

     The SunISDN products now offer SPARC platform users global digital
     connectivity over the public telephone network. SunISDN is certified in 15
     countries in North America, Europe and Asia.

     SunISDN is compliant with National ISDN-1 and 2, the North American ISDN
     standard and Euro-ISDN (ETSI), the European equivalent.

     In North America, the central office telephone switches supported include
     National ISDN-1 and 2 on all switch types. In addition, Northern Telecom
     DMS-100 custom and AT&T 5ESS custom implementation of ISDN BRI are also

78.27 SPARCcenter 2000E with Redundant Power, Cooling

     Sun Microsystems Computer Company (SMCC) announces a new model of the
     SPARCcenter (TM) 2000E server with redundant cooling and an optional
     second power supply. The new features provide higher reliability and

78.28 Sun's Hottest Quarterly Newsletter

     This is a quarterly newsletter from Sun Microsystems. We welcome your
     comments and suggestions. Please send electronic mail to

     Tracey Hoskinson, Product Marketing Programs Manager; Andrea Fleming,
     Marcom Manager, International; Redgate Communications Corporation,
     Writing, Design, Production and Printing.

        o Common Desktop Environment offers industry's broadest application
        o Performance Workshop for Fortran 90
        o Sun Global Services: managing service in a global economy
        o The next step in high-end graphics capabilities
        o In Short
        o On the Internet, Sun means business
        o SunService announces registration to ISO 9001 standards
        o Multiprocessing news from Sun
        o NEXTSTEP for SPARC workstations: Sun's path to OpenStep
        o Solaris 2.x migration made easy
        o Sun and Pixar team to market 3-D rendering applications
        o Sun's Super Servers

78.29 Sun, Oracle Data Warehousing Centers

     MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. - June 21, 1995 - Sun Microsystems Computer Company
     and Oracle Corporation today jointly announced plans to establish two new
     data warehousing competency centers. The move reveals the close support of
     Sun for the Oracle Warehouse, unveiled today in a related announcement,
     and the existing demand from data warehousing customers. Sun was one of
     the first members of the Oracle Enterprise Solutions Program (ESP) and the
     two companies offer the industry's most scalable data warehousing

78.30 Sunergy 16: "The Customer Driven Enterprise"

     URL: http://www.sun.com/sunergy

     Advanced Notice:

     SUNERGY 16
     Tuesday, September 12, 1995

     In Sunergy 11 the discussion centered on how, by reengineering business
     processes, companies can be more flexible, distribute information
     effectively, and bring products to market faster. Sunergy 16, "The
     Customer Driven Enterprise", continues this topic by focusing on the

78.31 Sunergy 15: "Internet: The Next Wave"

     URL: http://www.sun.com/sunergy

     Sunergy #15
     Tuesday, July 11, 1995
     11:00 - 12:00 Eastern Time

     Recent advancements with regard to access, security, and interactivity on
     the net have created a new definition of cyberspace. It is a definition
     which allows the boundaries between learning, commerce and entertainment
     to dissolve. On a network of fluid realtime connections, the next wave is
     applied creativity in all fields and a "gold rush" of new business

     Sunergy 15 explores these opportunities by discussing the latest
     developments in security, access and interactivity.

78.32 SunSoft Human Computer Interaction Study

     The Human Computer Interaction group at SunSoft is looking for individuals
     who work/live within driving distance of Mountain View, CA to participate
     in an upcoming usability study.

78.33 NEXTSTEP Release 3.3 For SPARC

     Sun Microsystems Computer Company (SMCC) and NeXT Computer, Inc. announce
     a distribution agreement under which Sun will provide NEXTSTEP (TM)
     software for Sun (TM) SPARC (R) processor-based workstations. NeXT's
     mature object-oriented operating system software will be available for
     SPARCstation (TM) 4, SPARCstation 5 and SPARCstation 20 workstations.
     NEXTSTEP and NEXTSTEP Developer Release 3.3 will also be available
     unbundled from Sun.

78.34 SunSoft Workshop Tools - PowerPC Edition

     First Tools for Multi-threaded Development Available on Solaris (PowerPC

     MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.--June 19, 1995--SunSoft, Inc. today announced that a
     new version of its award-winning SunSoft WorkShop (TM) software
     development product suite will be available to developers of Solaris (R)
     applications on the new IBM Personal Computer Power Series (TM) family;
     SunSoft WorkShop for C++ for Solaris (PowerPC Edition) will provide
     developers with the right toolset for doing enterprise-wide multi-threaded
     client-server applications.

78.35 100BASE-T Voted Official IEEE Standard

     IEEE Standards Board provides final approval for ratification

     GENEVA -- June 14, 1995 -- The Fast Ethernet Alliance announced today that
     the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) has fully
     approved the 100BASE-T specification as an official IEEE standard.
     100BASE-T is the high speed (100Mbps) successor to another IEEE 802.3
     standard, 10BASE-T, the world's most popular LAN technology with over 60
     million nodes installed.


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