New options for reading/tracking Sun-related forums (beta)

New options for reading/tracking Sun-related forums (beta)

Post by Eric Boutilie » Mon, 01 Nov 2004 03:41:01

> tes:
> >Forgot to mention... I also don't like the way the
> >comp-unix-solaris feed is implemented. It gets the feed
> >from Google and they truncate the message starting from a
> >few lines down and replace it with a URL to the full message.

> Russ Allbery's news gateway against one of Sun's c.u.s spools
> (news.sfbay, might be a better approach.
> <URL:>

I agree. also provides this. I tried it for a while (but
with a different newsgroup) and worked fine.



1. New options for reading/tracking Sun-related forums (beta)

I'm working on ways to make it easier for people to read/track
Sun-related forums, blogs, etc. by providing more delivery options.
I've created a couple "beta" mailing-lists that people here might be
interested in and I'd love it if some people tried them out. They are:

   Sun-weblogs -- All Sun Employees' weblog postings
   SKD-weblogs -- Solaris OS kernel developers' weblog postings

By subscribing to either/both of these you will start getting e-mail
copies of any new weblog posts made by anyone in that group.

Regarding that first one... I know what you're thinking: "Why on EARTH
would I want my already-over-flowing inbox filling up with all those
(hundreds/week) Sun blog entries!?"
Read on...

A cool feature of the first one (Sun-weblogs) let's you subscribe to
"topics" -- effectively letting you zero in on posts about specific
subjects. I've defined three topics for starters: Solaris, JDS, and
Java. To try out this feature, go to the "change your options" URL that
you'll receive in the subscription confirmation e-mail. Scroll down a
ways to the "which topics" field and check one or more of the boxes
next to: solaris, jds, java.

So if you're the kind of person who is good at using mail-filtering
tools (e.g. procmail), or you want to avoid having to use yet another
client app just so you can access RSS feeds, you might want to check
these out.

Links to the subscription pages are here:

Also note that I've disabled the command that lets users see who is
subscribed. In other words, only the list admin (me) can access the
list of subscribers.


P.S. I'm also working on some similar stuff so you'll be able
     to read/track certain RSS feeds in your news client (tin, trn,
     pan, etc.)

Eric Boutilier
Sun Microsystems

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