Sparc vs. 486/Pentium [WAS:Re: Mail Order Linux Workstation Vendors]

Sparc vs. 486/Pentium [WAS:Re: Mail Order Linux Workstation Vendors]

Post by David Byr » Tue, 15 Mar 1994 19:58:53

Quote:>Ok, now what about us that are looking at machines for other than X workstation
>usage?  I'm setting up an Internet node where the load is mainly I/O bound
>and is of more "classic" characteristics.  That is, I'm not really interested
>in tweaking the fastest screen work out the box, I'm interested in responding
>to serial and net I/O.

Beware !! If you're interested in handling serial I/O, you'll find more
problems with Solaris than you may be interested in fixing. Since we started
to ship 2.x, we've used Baydel MUXs and SPC boards for asynch I/O, and have
had all sorts of problems with ports* up, only being able to use one
port at a time for dialout, Kermit stuffing ports, system crashes etc etc.
Four months on, and lots of patch installations later, our development system
is just about stable...

Our main products are online systems where access is usually dialin, and we
are now using ethernet TCUs where possible rather than Sun serial hardware.
The only other choices appear to be to ditch Sun hardware as our main platform,
or to wait until they get their act together in the area of asynch comms. Only
time will tell which way we go, and that's running short !! We have had no
problems with other Sun comms (x.25, tcp, DNI), all on the network side, but
asynch ? Ugh !
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Sparc vs. 486/Pentium [WAS:Re: Mail Order Linux Workstation Vendors]

Post by A.Buteau 62 » Sat, 19 Mar 1994 22:11:52

        Before to plan the migration from Sun Os 4.1.3 to Solaris 2.3 I would like to know , if I can install and run Solaris on my poor workstations which are:
        Sunserver 4/370 with 32M
        Sun IPC with 12 or 16 M
        Sun SLC with 12 M.

        By the way what is the newest version of Openwindows and does it run on Solaris and on Sun OS 4.1.3 ?

        Has somebody experience with the hardare needed by Solaris ?