WEB PAGE: Solaris 2.5 Free or Public Domain Software Ports

WEB PAGE: Solaris 2.5 Free or Public Domain Software Ports

Post by Steven M. Christens » Wed, 10 Jan 1996 04:00:00

Solaris users:

The Solaris Free and Public Domain software project now has a Web page
pointing to a number of commonly used programs that have been compiled
under Solaris 2.5 and put in pkgadd format.  These files can be found
on the web page at


The page is best viewed with Netscape 2.0 beta4 or beta5 since the page
uses some Java applets, tables, etc.  The software ported so far is:


We are working on more all the time and also welcome contributions and

The ports above were done by Michael Short at UC-Berkeley, Pierre MacKay
at the University of Washington and me.  We were supported and encouraged
by the amazing Joel Conklin at Sun and the entire Solaris Migration and
Opcom support teams.  We are very grateful to them.

Our Web page and ftp sites will be under construction most of the time
as we add software and services.  Please report any Web page or
software problems to me and check back periodically for new things.

We hope that you find this effort useful.  If you do not find what
you need you can still look at our original pages starting at:

http://smc.vnet.net/solaris.html  or

http://www.mbp.duke.edu/christensen/  (our mirror site - faster for graphics)

where earlier Solaris efforts were collected from various sites.

Steve Christensen



1. ANNOUNCE: Solaris Free or Public Domain Software Web Pages

Solaris Free or Public Domain Software Porting Project Web Pages

Solaris Users:

A few months ago I posted a note to this group announcing a project to
help Solaris users find public domain or free software ported to
Solaris 2.3 or 2.4.  I received a huge response from people who have
done a lot of work on porting and have anonymous ftp sites where
software can be found.

We are now ready to announce the availability of our Web pages for
testing and constructive comments.  We also are asking for more help
with locating software, testing ports, and providing anonymous ftp

Our Web pages provide a search engine to help locate programs
and pointers to sites with Solaris ports.

There are two Web page sites for now:


(which probably should be used only for the non-graphics
versions of the pages) or


(Duke's site mirrors mine and provides a faster access for
the pages containing graphics.)

Our pages will be upgraded and updated constantly as we receive more
information and comments.

As a reminder, Sun has a web page dedicated to helping you migrate to
Solaris 2.  The URL is http://www.sun.com/smcc/solaris-migration.  This
page contains tools, documentation, presentations, and whitepapers
related to Solaris 2 and the migration process.

A number of universities and others are involved in the project
and their contributions will come on-line soon.

Thanks go to Joel Conklin and the Solaris-Migration Team and Education
Groups at Sun for their significant help with this project.  Michael
Prisant at Duke has provided enthusiastic and expert support.  I am
grateful to Yuki Shinozaki at Duke and Bryant Durrell at Sun for
their programming on the search engine.  The software sites have been
highly generous to open their systems for anonymous ftp access.

Please read the "How You Can Help" Web page linked to the above pages.

Thank you.

Steve Christensen

Web: http://christensen.cybernetics.net/Christensen.html

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