calendar manager problem

calendar manager problem

Post by Peter Janusch » Thu, 12 Mar 1998 04:00:00


I have a little problem with the Solaris calendar manager (cm).
I recently moved to a new workstation and tried to install my
old "callog.username" file there, but cm didn't show the entries
of the old file. As a next step, I changed all the entries in the log
file, that included the name of my old computer, by inserting
the new name. But this didn't work either, cm still refuses to
show the old entries.
Furthermore, when I enter a new appointment, cm reports that it
can't write it to the calendar file. But when I list callog, I can
clearly see that the new entry has been appended. This all looks
very strange to me ...

Does anyone here know anything about those problems. Is there a
way to fix them ?

Any hints are appreciated very much, since I want to avoid entering
all my dates and appointments once again. There are a lot of them.

I also checked some FAQs, but I didn't find any solutions there.

  Thank you very much in advance


Peter Januschke
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1. calendar manager problem

My system is running solaris_2.2 and NIS+. The calendar manager does
not seem to be working properly on my system.
When running cm, first a popup window appears and says "Error

window, the calendar manager icon appears.  But the calendar manager
window displays no name in header. I have followed the trubleshooting
steps listed in the answerbook, but still can not let the calendar
manager to work properly.
The answerbook says first to check rpc.cmsd, if it is running, calendar
manager will work. But on my system rpc.cmsd is running, calendar
manager dose not work. Is there any other point I need to check?

thanks in advance,

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