rsh doesn't return control - WHY?

rsh doesn't return control - WHY?

Post by Michael O'Sulliva » Fri, 31 Mar 2000 04:00:00

PreScript - I can work around this problem, all I really want to know is why
it happens.

Hi all,

I'm just about to check the FAQ but kind of need to know fairly quickly.

Anyway,  I'm writing a menu driven script that does lots of nice things.
One of the things it does is launch web servers for different users.  I
prompt for the username and then use rsh to remote shell to the web server
to start the daemon.

The command line looks like this:

rsh web_server "/opt/suitespot/https-xxxxx-blah/start"

The trouble is that if I run the command while on the server web_server I
don't get the prompt back.  Before you go at me, I know that I don't need to
rsh to the machine I am already on, but I was just wondering why the process
does not return control to my shell.  A truss on the rsh process says that
it is polling.

It's an Ultra10, Solaris 2.6, patched recently, web server is Netscape
Enterprise Server

Thanks guys,



rsh doesn't return control - WHY?

Post by osu.. » Sat, 01 Apr 2000 04:00:00

For the record I have already done the following:
1. used rsh -n
2. made a script on the remote machine and invoked it using rsh
3. tried putting the script in the background
Maybe the problem lies with the application I'm trying to run. I'll
investigate that possibility also.
Many thanks, Michael.

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Hello.  I am trying to automate some procedures using
shell scripts and I have run into a minor nuisance.
When I start a process on a remote machine using:

  rsh <hostname> "<command> &"

the remote process starts up correctly, but the
rsh doesn't return until the process completes.  
Why doesn't rsh return immediately after starting
the remote process?  Is there any way to make it
behave in that manner?

I know that I could also fork the rsh process using:

  rsh <hostname> "exec <command>" &

but I would like to wait to make sure the remote
process has started up before continuing without
resorting to a kludge like using sleep.

I am using tcsh 6.06 as my login shell.

Thanks in advance!


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