The "master" of evil doers

The "master" of evil doers

Post by The Revd Terence Fformby-Smyt » Tue, 07 Jan 2003 18:04:29

>> > > mokey, you are one of the many reason why anti semitism is fast
>> > > ground in the international community and especially in the USA.

>> > It's not, but that will never stop an idiotic bigot like you from saying
>> it
>> > is... carry on.

>> > > You are  the poster boy for anti semitism!  You are so successful I
>> > suspect you area
>> > > double agent.

>> > ROFL... You are the anti-American anti-Semite,not I.

>> Suuure, and you are an American jewboy billionaire, who is a hero of
>> Vietnam, has been wounded numerous times has eleven children, all of them
>> geniuses. And you plan to run for President of United States as soon as
>> get your green card! Right?

>Not a billionaire, never said I was

Not even a millionaire.

Quote:>Not a hero, just a soldier

Not even a soldier.

Quote:>Nine children, not 11

All by different (unknown) fathers.

Quote:>Not all geniuses, just 2

Relative to the other (cretinous) seven?

Quote:>Even when repeating what others have posted, you simply cannot stop lying,
>you Muslim pig.


Such hypocrisy already from the lying jew bastard.