Help for a Wintel philistine

Help for a Wintel philistine

Post by Dave Wils » Tue, 12 Oct 1999 04:00:00

Dear all,

I'm trying to support a hybrid Windows NT/9X and Solaris environment.  My
experience, as noted in the subject line, is in the Wintel environment.  
(Please limit your flames, if possible)  What would be the best resource
for learning how to do equivalent tasks in the Solaris environment?  Does
anyone have a suggestion for the most effective training materials
(books, classes, CBT's) that would be of help?

For example, if I want to setup a PC with a connection to an ISP, it's a
very simple and straightforward process (for me) on a Wintel PC.  On the
other hand, trying to setup web browsing or POP on the Sparcs is
considerably different, and, IMHO, quite difficult.  I'm sure that it's
as much an issue of experience, but I have to start somewhere and any
guidance would be gratefully accepted.

Dave Wilson

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Salutations.  I'm a pretty proficient Windows user that's ridden his
skills financially well, but am frustrated with the entire deal.
Anyway, I want to install *nux on another computer I have and learn it
as well in the hope of migrating from the dark side.

I hear terms like Caldera and Redhat and Unix and Linux, so am
appropriately confused, but am mostly interested in making the move in
the job market too.  I'm familiar with the setting up of OS's and
networks in the world o' windows and am wondering what would be a
good, free download (I've got ADSL, so size doesn't matter) to put on
a P90, 32MB machine that would be a good introduction to *nix.

BTW, I'm MSDOS from back in '87 so I'm not afraid of a command line.


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