Problem Solaris 2.4 & Veritas 2.0: disk missing after reinstallation

Problem Solaris 2.4 & Veritas 2.0: disk missing after reinstallation

Post by Arne Kruege » Fri, 02 Aug 1996 04:00:00


I have a little probleme with our Solaris 2.4 & Veritas 2.0 Volume

Through a stupid mistake I have 3 weeks ago deleted 2 files in the /etc:
name_to_major and name_to_system (rm na*) (yes, wrong terminalwindows).

That was no problem (say: didn't discover it) until I tried to reboot
the sparc20: the system didn't come up, always complaining that the
files where missing, than rebooting.

Great! Called the Sun Hotline, get the advice to boot from CD and copy
the files back from the Cd / another machine. Okay, done that,
everything went fine... exept that the veritas volume manager can't find
his disks.

Again, Sun Hotline said: install the veritas again (no vxinstall! just a

Allright, done that, very nice, everything went fine... exept that there
was only the rootdg volume. But we had another raid 5 stack!

It's seems that veritas can't see it. It doesn't show up at vxprint, but
in the /dev/dsk the cXtXdXsX files are still there. So, in the /dev/rdsk
are only rootdg and vol02 (but there should be vol01 & vol03 as well ->
the other raid 5 array)

(Remember, I'm not a unix wizard, sorry, my knowledge in solaris is very
- well - just a little bit over nil, and I'm the holiday replacment for
the real Admin, but now it's my problem)

So, where is the diskarry? Before my reboot it was okay - no
hardwarefailure or something, and - as far as I understand that - it
should be allready there.

Has anyone seen this problem before? Any tips/help/suggestion?

If you need more detailed information to help me, just email me.

Arne aka FritzS


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I've had the same thing happen on my machine.  Running WABI with
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Jeff Schave                Advanced System Administrator/ME & CS Student

(608) 265-5092             University of Wisconsin

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