print faults/recovery under Sol 2.3

print faults/recovery under Sol 2.3

Post by Gord Vreugdenh » Thu, 17 Mar 1994 00:24:43

I had a slightly strange situation come up yesterday.
We have two Solaris 2.3 boxes (512 and IPX) with two printers
on the IPX.  The two machines were happily sharing the
printers and then we got a print fault on lp2 and the
world came to an end....   The 512 was creating most of
the print jobs and **all** of the queued jobs were being
marked active and not being propagated to the IPX.  The
IPX could no longer print to lp2 (which was not surprising),
but couldn't even after an enable, etc.  I shut down the
print service on both machines but the active jobs on the
512 wouldn't go away.  I ended up manually cleaning out the
spool queue and rebooting the IPX before I could get them
to be rational again.   I have applied the lp patch to both
machines.....  I can't imagine how bad the software must
have been before the patch. :-(    If any of this
rings bells with anyone, I would appreciate some email.


Gord Vreugdenhil


1. Sol 2.3 to Sol 2.3 5/94 UPGRADE ?


Having a Sun 4 system running Solaris 2.3, I wondered
if one can do an upgrade to Solaris 2.3 Hardware version 5/94.

After setting up an install_server, booting and answering the
required questions the install program offered me an "Upgrade"
Naturally I choose this one. But,....  the system doesn't actually
do an upgrade,... It only added SUNWbmac and SUNWaud... (or something
close to that)

Someone said:

Q. Is an "Upgrade" from Solaris 1.x/2.x to Solaris 2.3 Edition II

 A. No.  Since Solaris 2.3 Edition II is a new, platform-specific release
 for the new SPARCstation 5, SPARCserver 5, and SPARCstation
    Voyager(TM) machines, there should be no need for "upgrades".

How should we interpret this ?

(Mind !!! If I remember correctly Solaris 2.3 Hardware version 5/94
is actually Edition III  Yes..3)

Is there an upgrade possible, but only from 2.2 to 2.3 (5/94) ?

The question that follows out the previous is ofcourse:
If you want to upgrade a system from the normal Solaris 2.3
(not Solaris 2.3 5/94) to Solaris 2.3 5/94, do you only have to install
the Maintenance Supplement CD ?

I'm puzzled and I guess I'm not the only one.

Any comments are very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
Robert Jansen
Computer Center VUB/ULB
Belgium (Europe)

Tel:  +32-2-650.37.29
Secr: +32-2-650.37.38
Fax:  +32-2-650.37.40

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