dbx problem

dbx problem

Post by 'Enrico, of course... » Wed, 10 Aug 1994 02:50:13

I hope somebody can give an hint to solve the following problem: our installation
of dbx seems to have troubles dealing with programs using threads. Even on simple
programs with threads, whenever we try to run the program in dbx we get something like:

fetch at 0xef7d12c0 failed -- I/O error
internal error: "Proc_start(): Assertion (EventQ_contains(p->goctx->events,Event_SYNC)) failed - "proc.cc":747

Thank you for any suggestion.



1. Sun dbx problem

      ld.so: libtt.so.1: not found.

 I searched through all possible place try to find the shared library
 libtt.so.1, but it dosn't exist. I also tried to run ldconfig wishing
it can find it, no luck. Could someone can tell me where is the library?
or what should I do? Reinstall SparcWork?

  Please send me your suggestions by email, since I am not very regular check
this news group.


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