HELP!: How to set serial port speed (2.6)

HELP!: How to set serial port speed (2.6)

Post by Trond Bakaa » Thu, 22 Jan 1998 04:00:00

I'm trying to set the serial port speed on a Pentium 2 running Solaris
2.6. I want to redirect output to ttyb, and the receiving device (a
powerswitch) has a fixed baudrate (2400). How can I setup Solaris to use
this speed on the port????

Have tried with Admintool and eeprom/Configuration Assistant, but
nothing helps. All help would really be appreciated!!

Thanks in advance

Trond Are Bakaas
Scali A/S


1. Increasing COM2 serial port speed for 2.6 x86

Hey, it's me again.  Now that I got pppd to work, I noticed that I can't connect
above 33.3k.  I have a USR x2 internal modem.  I saw a patch that is supposed to
increase the serial port speed for 2.5 but not for 2.6.  Is there a simple file
that I can edit to change the serial port speed to 57600 or 115200??

Thanks again!!

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