driver: receiving interrupt from another drivers hardware

driver: receiving interrupt from another drivers hardware

Post by Philip Bro » Thu, 18 Oct 2001 04:30:29

2 related * low-level driver questions:

Lets say I wanted to have one driver handle hardware interrupts for another
driver that actualy binds to the hardware.
 ("bottom" == driver attached to hardware
  "top"    == driver that wants to hook into "bottom")

Is the best way to do that,

 A)  to have some kind of API in the "bottom" driver
    that calls ddi_add_intr() directly registering a "top" function to call

 B)  to have some kind of API in the "bottom" driver
    that calls ddi_add_intr() on its own function, which then calls
      a registered function in the "top" module

 C) ??

second related question: What about if I dont get to change the source code
in the "bottom" driver, but know it doesnt register an interrupt handler.
Is there a way for me to "steal" the interrupt in an efficient manner?
Is it as simple as the "top" driver figuring out the "dip" info for the
"bottom" driver, and calling ddi_add_intr() for itself?

Can I also use ddi_regs_map_setup with the other driver's dip information?
 [oops, thats a third question :-)]

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