Paging Software for Solaris

Paging Software for Solaris

Post by Bob Claus » Tue, 09 Sep 1997 04:00:00

CCI has paging solutions for solaris developers & Admin.  Most go with the
commercial solutions in replacing shareware, homegrown or other 1st generation
paging software packages.

HipLink runs on Solaris systems (All unix & NT) and supports:
beepers, alphas, two-way pagers, GSM/SMS and the latest PCS devices too.

HipLink is at work around the world in: network/enterprise mgnt,
Help Desk, ISP and general Dispatch operations.  In fact we're channel
partners with Sun for just such solutions.

If your system, or systems you're delivering could benenfit from built-in
robust paging communications, you ought to look at what CCI's HipLink offers.



1. Paging software on Solaris

Hi all...

Could someone please point me in the direction of public domain paging
software that i might be able to run on my Solaris 2.4 platform...

thanks in advance...


   Steller Computer Consultants         Andreas Kaempf
        P.O. BOX 3873                  

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