NEdit 3.1, A Better Unix/VMS Text Editor

NEdit 3.1, A Better Unix/VMS Text Editor

Post by Mark Ed » Sun, 02 Oct 1994 06:15:28

Announcing NEdit V3.1, public domain, GUI style plain-text editor for X/Motif

   - Efficient, proven command set
      - Very complete functionality.  NEdit is the primary editor for thousands
        of Unix and VMS programmers.
      - Thorough consistency with Motif, MS Windows, and Macintosh conventions
      - Streamlined dialog interaction, keyboard shortcuts for all operations
   - 100% GUI from the ground up
      - True multi-window, fully graphical design
      - Mouse based editing
      - Multi-level undo
      - Cut and Paste with other X Windows/Motif programs, full support
        for all Motif selection modes
   - Easy to learn
      - Just point and type
      - Capabilities are presented clearly in top level menus
      - Comprehensive on-line help
      - No special knowledge of X Windows required, all important options
        can be set from within the program
   - Features for programmers
      - Auto-indent
      - Block indentation adjustment
      - Parenthesis flashing and matching
      - Find lines directly from compiler error output
      - Unix ctags support
   - Easy installation
      - Self contained single executable file
      - Pre-built, tested executables available for Silicon Graphics, Sun
        (Solaris & SunOS), HP, OSF/1, DEC Ultrix, IBM AIX, and VMS systems

New in version 3.1

   - Automatic highlighting of matching parenthesis
   - Option to center popup dialogs under pointer
   - New auto-wrap mode
   - MS Windows style dialog mnemonics
   - Overstrike mode
   - Tear off menus
   - Editres compatibility
   - Resource settable word delimiters
   - Many enhancements and fixes to existing commands

NEdit is public domain software, available in both source and executable forms
by anonymous ftp to  Sources are also available from in

Mark Edel
Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
P.O. Box 500
Batavia, IL 60510


1. NEdit 3.1, A Better Unix/VMS Text Editor

The NEdit 3.1 announcement should have mentioned that the directory which
contains the NEdit executables and sources is /pub/nedit/v3_1.  A number of
people have been confused, since there are other distribution directories for
internal Fermilab users, which are not readable at other sites.

-- Mark Edel

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