Tcl/Tk interface to NIS+ / Graphical frontend to NIS+

Tcl/Tk interface to NIS+ / Graphical frontend to NIS+

Post by Francois Sta » Fri, 13 Oct 1995 04:00:00


I've been working for a while on a Tcl extension that makes all NIS+
functionality available to Tcl programmers, as well as a graphical
frontend to NIS+ implemented using Tk and this extension.

This stuff is now more or less ready, and I'm looking for a number of
beta testers before making it available to the world. (I plan to
release it under something like the GPL, have to look into that issue

So, if you know a little about both Tcl/Tk and NIS+, and you want to test
this stuff out, please let me know so that I can tell you where to find
the beta version.

Some short description on the stuff:

- On the one hand it is a binding between Tcl and the NIS+ API, making almost
  the complete NIS+ API available from within Tcl. So you can easily write
  up your own scripts in Tcl for modifying whatever you want in the NIS+ DB.

- Second, a graphical tool implemented using Tk which allows you to modify
  the contents of your NIS+ DB. It starts by visualizing the NIS+ directory
  hierarchy, and you can select a directory, table or group to work on. You
  then can view/modify all properties of these objects, as well as creating
  new objects. Of course, you also can modify the contents of the tables and

  One thing which is still lacking in the graphical interface is some
  admintool-like functionality. Creating a new user using the tool requires
  you to update the passwd, cred and eventually auto_home table seperately,
  there is not something like an action for defining a new user....

See You,

Francois Staes
UNIX Consultant
Eigen Heerdstraat 76
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Phone: +32/3/6454226


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