Function Keys Mapping.

Function Keys Mapping.

Post by Jason C. Leac » Sun, 27 May 2001 02:18:41


I'd like to map a macro to some function keys in Solaris 7/8; perhaps just
a series of commands.


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1. Function key mapping for Xterms?

I installed Linux 0.99pl13 on my boss's Dell, and got Xfree86-2.0
to work (well, only in 16 color mode, the S3 server didn't work),
and now it is on his desk.  It is running TWM, and I have a cute
little .twmrc to help him out.  Only he wants to telnet to a VMS
machine and use the TPU editor.  Which requires that some keys on
the keyboard send through <ESC>OP, <ESC>OQ, <ESC>OR, and <ESC>OS.

I looked in the termcap and terminfo entries, and they seem to
have it already:

xterm termcap excerpt:


xterm terminfo excerpt:

        kf1=\EOP, kf2=\EOQ, kf3=\EOR, kf4=\EOS, rc=\E8,

So, it should just work, right?

Well, so I tried adding an entry to the /usr/X386/lib/X11/app-defaults/XTerm

*VT100.Translations: #override <Key>F13: keymap(dbx)
*VT100.dbxKeymap.translations: \
    <Key>F1: string(0x09) string("OP")  \
    <Key>F2: string(0x09) string("OQ")  \
    <Key>F3: string(0x09) string("OR")  \
    <Key>F4: string(0x09) string("OS")

In all cases, my modifications failed to change the function keys
from 1~ , 2~ , 3~ or 4~ as output.

I tried openning new xterms, rebooting, the whole spiel.  No
dice.  Only thing that changes it all is to run xterm -sf, which
changes the output to 24z , 25z , 26z  and 27z.

Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong?


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