Internals question fsck'ing an SDS boot partition during bootup

Internals question fsck'ing an SDS boot partition during bootup

Post by Richard Hieste » Fri, 02 Apr 1999 04:00:00

I think I have a 2.5.1 (-23) internals question here...

We use Solstice Disk Suite 4.1 (SDS) to mirror the root partition on
approximately 60 production machines installed mostly at remote locations.
When one of these machines goes down hard and reboots, the fsck always fails
and the boot process kicks the machine to the maintenance prompt with a
statement telling us to "fsck -F ufs [partition]".  When (read "if") we run
the command manually, if fixes any problems and comes up cleanly.  My
two-part question is this:

1) Why doesn't the fsck that is performed during the boot fix these problems
without manual intervention?

2) Is there any way to change this condition so that the fsck performed
during boot fixes the file system problems caused by the hard shutdown?

TIA for any insight provided.

Richard Hiester
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1. fsck'ing the / partition in 0.99pl9 during bootup

Hi all:  Just a short question.  With the new patchlevel release of the kernel,
there is a very nice option for mounting the root filesystem readonly at first.
I assume the intention of this is to allow an [e2]fsck of the root partition.
My root partition is an ext2fs partition, 16MB.

        How does one remount a partition that has been mounted readonly as a
        read/write partition?  And what is the correct file to put the [e2]fsck
        in?  /etc/rc?  Or does /etc/init have to be modified somehow?

Attempts at Answer:
        I have tried doing an e2fsck of / (on /dev/hda2) at the beginning of
        /etc/rc.  This works.  However, when I do e2fsck on other partitions,
        the output from '/bin/e2fsck -mrv /dev/hdaX' says that /dev/hdaX is
        already mounted!  So when are the filesystems being mounted -- before
        /etc/rc is run?  Then I try to mount the root filesystem, and that
        *doesn't* work.  My version of 'mount' doesn't appear to support the '-u'
        option.  The man page says something about this.  But if there is no way
        to remount the root partition as read/write, why do it at all?
        Does anyone know if there is a /bin/mount that *does* support the '-u'
        option?  And what is the correct syntax for 'mount -u'?

In short, if anyone is able to run e2fsck on their /, /user, etc. paritions at
boot-time with 0.99pl9, and then remount / as read-write, could you let me know
how you did it?  Like, what do your /etc/rc, /etc/fstab, /bin/mount files look
like (or what size and date are they)?

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