per interface throughput wanted

per interface throughput wanted

Post by Darren Dunha » Wed, 03 Feb 1999 04:00:00

Greetings.  I know with a netstat -I <int>, I can get a total packet
count per interface for a machine.  Over time, I can calculate

Is there any way to measure data (KB or MB) rather than packet counts?
I'll take it at any layer (ether, IP, TCP...).   I have a multiheaded
machine and am trying to calculate the usage of each segment.  I don't
have the ability to measure all the segments simultaneously other than
via this machine.


Darren Dunham


1. Getting network throughput in bytes per second

Hi all.

I was asked today how to get the volume (in B/s or such) going through a
network (interface). Infortunately, I can only figure this out in
packets/second, which is not very reliable.

Any ideas out there? Much appreciated (I'll be needing this myself soon)

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