Bad Blocks

Bad Blocks

Post by Soth » Wed, 27 Nov 1996 04:00:00

One of my 2.1 gig drives has bad blocks and I was wondering after the
normal format (solaris 2.5.1) didn't take care of these, if there is a
utility to do a low level format on the drive.  Or should I just throw
it out and get a new one?  Any input on this would be appreciated :)



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I'm trying to find out whether there are any bad blocks in the ext2fs
bad block list. I think there might be, because I had a whole lot of
ext2fs error messages popping up during a compile, and when I removed
the directory I was working with and ran e2fsck -cf /dev/hdc6, it told
me the filesystem was modified, even though none of the regular checks
had failed (I'd previously run e2fsck -f /dev/hdc6, so all the duplicate
blocks and unattached inodes and stuff had been sorted out). I think the
drive might still be under warranty, so if there are bad blocks I'll
take it back.

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