Converting /etc/printcap -> /etc/lp/*

Converting /etc/printcap -> /etc/lp/*

Post by Todd D. Ta » Thu, 19 Sep 1996 04:00:00

Do there exist any scripts that can create the appropriate files for
printing with solaris 2 (/etc/lp/*) given an /etc/printcap file.  I've
got fair number of printers, and I really don't want to be running lpadmin
or admintool for each one of them.  I figure I can't be the first one
to want to do this, and thought I'd ask how others have done before
re-inventing the wheel...

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Converting /etc/printcap -> /etc/lp/*

Post by Jim Dav » Fri, 20 Sep 1996 04:00:00

:Do there exist any scripts that can create the appropriate files for
:printing with solaris 2 (/etc/lp/*) given an /etc/printcap file.

If you use the SunSoft Print Client software instead of the /etc/lp
goo (which in general I'd highly recommend) then it comes with a
script that will convert an /etc/printcap file into a
/etc/printers.conf file, which is what the SSPC stuff needs.

You can download the SSPC software from  Note the
recent patch for SSPC, 103182, unfortunately is currently only
available with a support contract, and does not yet appear to be
incorporated into the downloadable tar archive.


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