Is there freeware of INGRID?

Is there freeware of INGRID?

Post by Wei Zhan » Thu, 08 Apr 1999 04:00:00

    Do you know where I can get a copy of freeware of INGRID?
  (it's a pre-processor for ls-dyna3d )    

  Thanks a lot.


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You certainly don't need to buy licences!

The point of the GPL is, roughly, that you can't take free software and
make it proprietary [1] - so if your proprietary use of GPLed software
includes linking it with software which you don't place under a
compatible license, then sorry, no go. This is needed to make sure free
software doesn't get subverted into being non-free.

However, there are no restrictions on the environments in which you can
*use* GPLed software. If you want to use it in your business, that's

[1] Note that "commercial" is not the same as "proprietary". The
    confusion is common, but "commercial" means that your software is
    not free as in free beer, whereas "proprietary" means that your
    software is not free as in free speech. See for
    more information.


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